Why BWG (Binary With Generation) Plan?

First time in Network Marketing History, BwG Plan is completed with Binary & Generation Plan.

BwG Plan is the easiest plan and fastest way of making money in network marketing, where anyone can grow fast and complete there dream in Network Marketing.

The Binary Plan is very easy and basic to understand. Among various compensation plans in MLM, Generation Plan is considered as the most important plan. Because of an end number of attributes, the generation plan is preferred over various other plans.

bwg binary with generation plan

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Welcome to our plan

types of user
There are 8 types of income in this plan,

  1. Direct Bonus
  2. Leadeship Overriding Bonus
  3. Matching Bonus
  4. Car Fund
  5. Travel Fund
  6. House Fund
  7. Reward Income
  8. Retail Benifits
bwg plan

Direct Bonus

sjdm direct bonus

Direct Bonus is also known as Refer Income, That are first time for sponsor after that direct Bonus will be get by own purchase.

In our plan, Direct Bonus is 10% of BV(Business Volume).


Direct Bonus : Direct Sponsoring BV * 10%

i.e. : Direct Sponsoring 1 With BV 8000,

Total BV : 8000

Direct Bonus : 8000*10% = 800

You Will get 800 Direct Bonus

Direct Bonus helps you to make more income.

Leadership Overriding Bonus

Leadership Overriding Bonus based on your direct team, The More Your Team, The More Your Income.

In our plan, Leadership Overriding Bonus is 20% of Direct Bonus of Direct Team.


Leadership Overriding Bonus: Direct Team Bonus (Direct Bonus) * 20%

i.e. : Direct Team Bonus (Direct Bonus) is 10,000,

Total Bonus: 10,000

LOB: 10,000*20% = 2,000

You Will get 2,000 LOB

Leadership Bonus have no limitation and this is also single leg income.

leadership overriding bonus

Matching Bonus

sjdm matching bonus

Matching Bonus Will Be Distributed on the behalf of total Matching Business Volume of your both side team.

In our plan, Matching Bonus is 10% of Matching BV.


Matching Bonus: Matching BV * 10%

i.e. : Matching BV is 10,000,

Total MBV: 10,000

Matching Bonuns: 10,000*10% = 1,000

You Will get =1,000 Matching Bonus

In our company plan, matching bonus will be also ditributed of repurchase business.

Car Fund

In our company, no conditions for getting CAR Fund.

Just Connect 6 Direct Team and activate them, after that you will be able for getting Car Fund.

sjdm car fund

First time in history for taking Car Fund without any condition, You have a great opportunity.

sjdm car fund

Travel Fund

sjdm travel fund

In our company, also no conditions for getting Travel Fund.

Just make 6 Car Fund Achievers In your Direct Team, after that you will be able for getting Travel Fund.


travel fund sjdm

House Fund

In our company, also no conditions for getting House Fund.

Just connect 20 Direct Team , after that you will be able for getting House Fund.

house fund sjdm

House Fund will be given 3% of Company Profit

SJDM House Fund

Reward Income

sjdm reward icon

This is extra income, that helps you to make more income.

Get Extra 5% Rewards Income Lifetime of Your Matching Business without any conditions.

Retail Benefits

sjdm offer 30% off

At each products you will get Upto 30% Off every time on your purchase.

Hey! This is best opportunity for you to make more money.

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